We provide all range of solutions from machinery, manufacturing process, raw material to technical knowhow.


Cold painting is another advanced technology for slider coloring.

In comparing to regular painting, cold painting gives better shiny surface and better adhesiveness.

Other than traditional cold painting method, we now developed cold painting with barrel type painting m/c.

Know-how charge will be inclusive in the purchases of paint for cold painting. No need to pay know-how charge extra when purchases of paint.

Technical support is also available upon request.



Are you looking for some good features to add values to your metal zipper?

Then, this is what you're looking for!

Automatic plating process is the ongoing trend for metal zipper manufacturing industry.

We offer not only the machines, but formulas and technical support.

Below are some color samples for your reference.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.


The application of the products from our machine could be of many, from monofilament diameter ranging from 0.12mm to 5mm.

The raw material could be PA, PET chips, PET flakes, PP, PVC…

We customize the machine as per buyer’s requirements / applications.

Different specification and cost will be determined after detailed discussion.


Zipper, fishing net, fishing line, stitching thread, spacer fabric(like motorcycle seats, car seats, all sorted seats, 3D mattress, cushions, sneakers , backpacks), conveyor belts, brooms, bristles, filtering net, rope, monofilament cutter (for lawn mowing or brush cutter), artificial turf, agricultural / outdoor purposes(like plasteel monofilament), automotive purposes.


All quenching tank is made of stainless steel – both inside & outside

Hot air oven, hot water tank, winder, and oil station are also made of stainless – both inside & outside.

Mould head is upgraded as 2-parts, which gives more convenience in cleaning.

Sliding doors for single side winders (maintenance more easier and more neat / clean from dust.)